PASE Vision

PASE does not offer counselling, but we will respond to you if you need someone to talk to.

We know that there is no quick fix to recover from the effects of abortion. Although we acknowledge that a weekend or even a weeklong retreat can be very helpful, there is a longer journey that needs to be taken.

PASE seeks to join together those who have experienced abortion to build friendships and support. Each of us at different places in our journey to recovery, each of us with wisdoms and kindness to share as we encourage one another out of ashes and into beauty.

The experience of abortion brings isolation and confusion. Standing alongside those who understand what you’re feeling and can let you know; it won’t be this way forever - brings hope.

Our vision and hope is to see those traumatised and grieving, come to place of restoration and peace so that they too can help those struggling to recover. We can also help those who are considering abortion for themselves to know the truth of what will happen to them and their baby.


  • To increase the understanding of how abortion affects those involved and encourage everyone to be equipped to help their friends through to healing.
  • To facilitate good helpful healing relationships that will give bereaved mothers the support and care to assist them in their recovery.
  • To help those affected by abortion see clearly what they have done, and choose a healthy way to recover.

Pauline PeachyPauline PeachyPauline Peachy

Pase Staff

Pauline Peachy

Pauline Peachy

PASE Founder

I was born in London in the mid nineteen-forties into a large family but we were not close.  My dad worked day, evening and weekends, there were also health problems among my siblings which put a lot of stress on the whole family

In my teenage years I was part of a large group of friends but had difficulty with close relationships.  

I married a man with a similar problem of relationship so although we loved one another there wasn’t the closeness and strength we needed when the doctors recommended that I have an abortion.

I left school at 15 and worked in lots of offices learning book-keeping as I went along, in the West End and the City of London.

I enjoy gardening, embroidery and knitting, I am an avid reader, I love the bible.

I was 24 years old when I allowed my baby to die.  I had a little boy just one years old at the time, and I kept it a secret for a while. The grief and confusion was like an explosion that left me shattered.  I was very drawn to death but knew that I had to survive for my little boy.  After a year I was admitted to a mental hospital in North London.

The hospital was a place of drugs and violence from the staff.  In my despair I turned to Jesus, I had been afraid of God because I felt so guilty and dirty. Jesus has been very gracious to me.  Although my marriage ended, since I began in this work and understood how the death of our baby affected both me and the dad there has been a lot of healing in us both.   Now we are able to relate well to each other and he is very supportive in this work.

I became involved in the pro-life work when CBR UK was starting out.  It was unusual to meet anyone who had any insight into the trauma of abortion, and I began to join them in their educational displays holding a board proclaiming that I had an abortion.  The kindness and understanding I received gave me strength to take this step, and the response from the public caused the growth of what is now an international ministry.  As this work has accelerated, the Lord has grown our team of women who have benefitted from the help they have received through PASE, and have the same vision to see healing and restoration in the lives of others.    

Kathryn Attwood

Kathryn Attwood

PASE Manager

I’ve lived my whole life so far in West Sussex, with my family and now my husband and kids. I started working for CBR UK as a teenager and am so blessed to give my working life to seeing the truth of abortion exposed and those hurt by abortion brought to healing and restoration.

I have been so grateful to walk alongside Pauline as she has built PASE from a concept and idea, into an international support network for those coming from pain and grief into peace and freedom.
I long to see, and am working towards reaching more women with the opportunity to recover after abortion but also for them to be empowered to speak against the abuse of women through abortion.

There is a voice waiting to speak life into this nation from those who have suffered the great loss and trauma of abortion. This voice cannot be refuted and has more passion than can be understood. I’m excited to see what the bereaved mothers of our generation will achieve for the future generations; whose lives are at stake.

Kath Allder

Kath Allder

PASE Project Assistant

I was born in South East, London, and have lived there all my life.  A very busy place, but full of different cultural and diversity.

I come from a big, loving extended family with my grandparents, aunts and cousins. Growing up, I spent lots of time with my aunts and cousins. I loved family time, and I lived in a single-parent home with my mum and two brothers. My grandparents and 3 youngest aunts went to live in America in the early 80s.

I was in a long-term relationship which ended in 2004, it was toxic, quite up and down. I am a single mum to two adult children, and we have a particularly good relationship with each other.

I have always worked in health, social care and childcare. I love spending time with other people and being a part of their life journey. I have worked with the elderly and I have been a support worker for young people who have been in Social Services Care. I’ve been a support worker for women, and been a childcare practitioner.

I like to read, cook, entertain people. I love an open house.

I lost my baby to abortion in 2000. An extremely hard time, many years after of feeling lost, alone, isolated, and depressed.

I became a born-again Christian in 2004. Praise God. It has been a long road, one worth walking. I don’t think I have got enough room to say how Jesus has impacted my life!  He is my everything.  He has brought me into wholeness, freedom, peace. I am daughter of the Highest. Rescued, Redeemed, Restored and Forgiven.

I serve PASE, as I can see the fruits its bearing, I am one of them! I know how PASE has helped me on my journey through the healing of my loss child through abortion, and my heart is to see many come into a place of healing.  For me to be able walk alongside with you, to encourage you and build you up.

I pray PASE will reach many people who may feel helpless, no hope, no way to return after the abortion, but there is with PASE, they can help you get there.

Charlotte Lavendar

Charlotte Lavendar

PASE Speaker & Media Representative

I come from South East London, born & bread.

Growing up, as a teenager being high was a way of life, as was sex, conflict & skipping school. But I was also creative, sporty, passionate & got on well with my Mum.

At 16, I had been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for a number of years; back then I had thought he was the man I would marry, the love of my life. It was then that I fell pregnant. Of course, shortly after our abortion the relationship ended.

I'm currently single & while I have no children of my own, I have been a Youth Worker for many years, so I actually feel I have hundreds!

Before beginning my career in Youth Work I had worked in the film & TV industry which was hard work but very fun.

I am passionate about music & writing lyrics, poetry & stories. I love God; serving Him, getting to know Him, experiencing His love - through life & the Bible. I enjoy horse riding & drawing. I'm also very competitive so enjoy athletics, sports & games too.

In the year 2000, shortly after turning 16 I lost my baby to abortion.

I was not a Christian when I had my abortion & wouldn't be for many years after. After becoming a Christian, it would be even more years still before I would face & realise the reality of my abortion & finally be able to place the dreadful feeling that, though not always present, had never left me - loss. God met me in that realisation, amidst the tears & the grief - both the grief of mourning my unborn child & the grief of understanding & crying for forgiveness for what I had done. God forgave me long before I'd forgiven myself & He loved me & has healed me.

Sometimes I cry still, but this is natural & is grieving rather than grief. God has set me free & I no longer carry any burden.

I want to serve PASE as part of Voice for the Voiceless (us & child), to support anyone who has been affected by abortion. To expose the truth of abortion by empowering women (men, boys and girls), to know the truth & the reality of what abortion is & what it does to everyone involved.

I hope that through this, women will be empowered to make informed choices & that those who have had an abortion, or been affected by abortion will receive support from someone who maybe has some understanding of what they are going through. To offer the hope, light & healing of Jesus Christ.

God loves you & you are not alone!

Antoinette Pienaar-Tomlin

Antoinette Pienaar-Tomlin

PASE Media Representative

I was born in South Africa in a small town called Boksburg.

I have an elder sister and a younger brother.  Parents are hardworking people who brought us up with Christian values – love and respect.

Teenage years were confusing.  I remember feeling I don’t  fit in, but also attending Friday Youths.  Dad was very strict with boys, so boyfriends weren’t an option and I couldn’t tell if the guy liked me or just being a good friend, so I classed them as friends.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years now and we’ve been together for 9 years.  We have a baby in heaven and one on the way.  Our relationship has not been easy, yet the work we’ve done to grow up and grow together makes me rather proud of how far we come.  And like a good red wine, we are only getting better with time.

I have 2 law degrees and an honours in psychology.  I worked in the mining industry in SA before immigrating to the UK.  IHere, I used my skills in interpreting law and my passion for people by specialising in data protection law.

I love dancing.  I still want to learn to play a music instrument.  We also like to travel and explore our beautiful world.

I lost my baby to abortion 9 years ago.   I thought I was being what the world expected, a logical woman who could make sound decisions.  I did not want my baby to feel rejected by their father nor the “right” circumstances.  It was the hardest and worst decision I have ever made.  The feeling of my soul being ripped into pieces was audible.  The hell unleashed in my mind was a never-ending nightmare.  No matter how I tried to justify myself afterwards, I could not allow myself to think or feel for fear of losing the last part of my sanity. I was angry and resentful to my partner, myself and the world at large.

I remember praying to God to take me home because I didn’t want to live with the shame I felt.  I kept praying for forgiveness hoping things would improve.  They did in a way.  Two months before I came to visit my boyfriend, now husband, our church was having a fasting week. Every morning I would go to church at 6am and pray to God to help me forgive my husband for making me feel there was no other option and myself for not trusting him.  That week helped crack the deepest cliffs and my relationship with God grew stronger.  

A few months later we moved to Worthing and it is here where I met Pauline and heard her testimony of God’s love and grace.  I thought I had worked through most of the issues of losing my baby to abortion but the Recovery Course made me aware of how the world has shaped me to the point I was and that my “craziness” was not because I was a bad person, I was dealing with trauma of losing my baby.  God has been so patient with me, I had to do the course twice to deal with trauma.  It was like a switch, the hurt/anger has finally subsided. It took God 7 years to deal with the trauma, the lies and un-forgiveness.  I understood how people must have felt like in the Bible times when Jesus commanded them to get up and walk, that’s how I felt. Like I was touched by Jesus and the nightmare ended. I felt like my old self, before I did silly things that darkened my soul.

After attending the course twice, I know there is healing in the process.  I believe we have been lied to by people who should have our interest at heart, people with a  duty of care.  People don’t realise the harm they put themselves in, physically and mentally.  People need guidance to help navigate through this nightmare.  My hope for PASE is that it will be so effective that we don't need to support post abortive sufferers because we have guided them out of this dangerous evil path.