What is the Recovery Course?

The Recovery Course is an 8 week course written for and  led by women who have experienced the bereavement of abortion.  It is designed to build friendships within the small group taking part, as well as to journey towards recovery together, reliant on Jesus - our Saviour. 

We cover these topics during the course:
  • Judgement
  • Post Abortion Stress Syndrome
  • Hearts and Minds
  • Fathers
  • My Baby
  • Responsibility
  • Forgiveness and Strongholds
  • Concluding in a group day together

Each week allows for discussion about these topics, sharing of our stories, prayer and worship together as well as seeking the scripture for wisdom. 

This course can now be completed online via zoom, or in person. Participants will have access to video teaching, course materials, a course WhatsApp group for use between sessions  and the prayerful leadership of two PASE course leaders, who will support your progress through the weeks.

Crucially we look to the truth. We look to the LORD for the forgiveness which gives us peace.  We look to Him for the grace to forgive.  We depend on His wisdom to reveal the areas where we have drawn wrong conclusions, and bring them to the Word of God so that we can walk in the light of His truth.


“I think what’s changed most about my feelings towards the abortion is just freedom, and forgiveness, knowing Gods mercy. Forgiving myself was the hardest.”

Recovery Course Testimonial

“Thank you PASE, once again for your time, every week, your commitment to what God has put on your heart to do,, and I pray that the Recovery course will bring people into freeness and healing.”

Recovery Course Testimonial

“Yes, it was helpful to hear the experiences of others and share in the realities of how this actually impacts you. It has highlighted the importance of breaking the silence on this topic. I have formed relationships that are empowered/equipping ‘us’ to do more for others to gain healing.”

Recovery Course Testimonial

“Looking into other areas of my life has been significant; helping me to see why I made the decision I did. It is important to look at the ‘bigger picture’ as this can facilitate self-healing, acceptance and bring understanding of why ‘you’ took that path. The most important thing I have identified is having the insight that ‘we’ all need to be educated/value the life of the unborn.”

Recovery Course Testimonial

“The course size was useful as it created a safe and intimate atmosphere, so each individual could have reasonable time and space to think and express their experiences. Each week was relevant to my experience and enabled me to considered and process what I was unable to at the point of making the decision to have an abortion. The most informative part of the course was week 6. I had always felt that the responsibility was entirely my ‘choice’. However, the unborn child needs the voice of everyone to protect them. ”

Recovery Course Testimonial

To sign up to a Recovery Course, please fill out the contact form on the Contact us page or message our facebook/instagram accounts.